October 11th, 2011


im really tired of seeing posts like this. if YunJae shippers really believe the YunJae are eternally real. then why the hell are you so threatened with Yunho and Changmin's closeness.? this past 2 years its the two of them who were stuck together through the bad times. when people are calling them SM's dog, traitors, and are telling them that they are nothing compared to JYJ, its them who are together. so it's only natural that they are even closer than before.

and about the Yunho is the father, Jaejoong is the mother and changmin is their son.. and yunho and changmin being together is like incest. can you guys stop it? that "role" is what SM gave them, so honestly, its just fans who think that way.

some people are just really too caught up in this YunJae is real thing. GROW UP and find a better hobby. and leave Changmin out of this.

and also. if you guys really believe that yunjae is real. then stop looking for "evidences". because if you are convinced that the love they have is forever and ever. you guys wont have to constantly look for yunjae evidences to prove to yourselves that they are real.

a/n: i am not generalizing all yunjae fans.
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